Centrul Multicultural Resita


The project involves the transformation of a former industrial production space into a mixed cultural and leisure zone, which is part of a broader architectural effort to rehabilitate an urban area at the outskirts of Resita. The center is envisioned as a versatile space that can accommodate a diverse range of artistic, social, and cultural events.

The design features a spacious events hall with 1000 seats that can be easily reconfigured to host concerts, alternative theater performances, or exhibitions. In addition, there is a cluster of smaller rehearsal spaces and offices, as well as a cozy coffee shop. Visitors can also enjoy a permanent exhibit showcasing Resita’s rich industrial heritage.

Street view perspective / Existent Building

Street view perspective / Proposal Building

1.000 seatsmultifunctional events hall

The ground level plan highlights the expansive entrance hall, which includes a front desk, administrative area, and spacious wardrobe. To the left of the entrance, there is a cozy coffee and bistro area that offers direct access to the front terrace, as well as a separate service entrance. On the right side, visitors can access the main event hall, which features convenient backstage access and a large storage area.

Conference & Office Cluster

On the first level, there are two conference rooms: one with 110 seats and the other with 35 seats. Additionally, there is a storage space and three offices that can serve as either rehearsal rooms or offices. On the same level, you will find the sound and light booth that provides technical support for the large events hall. Behind the main stage, there are cabins, changing rooms, and restrooms exclusively reserved for the artists’ use.

The Industrial Heritage

The upper level is reserved for the permanent exposition “Resita’s Industrial Heritage”. On the stage side the upper platform offers access to the stage technique.

Conserving the industrial heritage is crucial as it showcases the progress made by previous generations. It provides a link to the past, serving as a reminder of the challenges that our ancestors faced and overcame.

Industrial Expression

The industrial metal structure warehouse has been transformed into an artistic contemporary space, showcasing the beauty of the building’s raw materials. The open space allows for large-scale installations and exhibitions, while the high ceilings and natural light create a stunning atmosphere. The building’s industrial heritage is celebrated, with exposed brick walls and metal beams adding to its aesthetic appeal. The center might become a hub for creativity, bringing together artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Street view perspective / Access area with an outdoor expositional space.

Entrance Hall

View from the expo space on third level.

Multi-functional event hall in concert setup.


The name CMR (Multicultural Center Resita) is a playful thought to Resita’s best-known industrial companies, including UCMR, CSR, and ICMR.

Since 1970

The current building was originally built in 1970 as a production facility for CSR (Syderurgical Company Resita) and was primarily used as a manufacturing space for industrial machinery. Later, an office extension was added to the building.

Surface: 2.465 sqm

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Privacy Preference Center