An emotional blend of creativity and rational thoughts.

Creative thinking in architecture or design embodies a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, intended to enhance human well-being.

Born in 1980 in Resita, Romania, in a family with mixed ethnic backgrounds – Romanian, German, Italian and a pinch of Greek. My early years were marked by …

Skills & Experience

Advantages and client benefits

_rooted in solid expertise across an array of disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpture, music, graphic design, and architecture – where creativity and technical skill blend seamlessly.

_encompassing a diverse range of locations, spanned across numerous countries including Germany, Switzerland, France, Algeria, Greece, Latvia, Romania, and Russia.

_with over 23 years of dedicated experience in crafting interior design projects. Throughout this journey, there have been numerous collaboartions with professionals, both as partners and employees, shaping a legacy of creativity in every endeavor.

Area of Expertise


_covering a wide range of project types, from residential and office buildings to civic and industrial constructions. 

Interior Design

_is one of the biggest passions, spanning from bespoke designs with innovative finishing materials to highly customized furniture and accessories

City & Landscape Design

_this creative branch redefines the space around your projects, from private urban areas up to complex building clusters.


Pre-Project Consulting

_is the recommended start of any project, regardless of whether you referring to architecture, interiors, or any other designing requests.

Concept & Plan

_are at the core of our creative work. In this stages, your ideas and goals are filtered through layers of aesthetics, functionality and budget.

Implementation & Follow-up

_are the stages that ensures your project realization, taking advantage of a wide network of building and manufacturing professionals ready to assist.

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