An emotional blend of creativity and reasoning

To think creatively in Architecture or Design represents a natural and emotional mix of function and aesthetic, meant to serve the human well-being.

Born in 1980 in Resita, Romania, in a family with mixed ethnic backgrounds – Romanian, German, Italian and a pinch of Greek. My early years were marked by Classical Piano – 8 years study, some of them under a jazzy perspective.  After that the Art and Painting Highschool, some musical bands, and a few resonant local and national awards for Art and Music in painting, jazz composition, and art exhibition.

After 1999 I moved to Timisoara to study Architecture and almost simultaneously started working as Graphic and Interior Designer.

In 2011 I followed my wife (and personal Doctor) to Germany where we currently live and work.

Skills & Experience

A multidisciplinary approach

based on first-hand knowledge of varied artistic disciplines: drawing, painting, sculpture, music, graphic design and architecture.

An international project frame

comprising Russia, Switzerland, France, Algeria, Greece, Latvia, Romania, and Germany.

Over 20 years

since the first interior designed project was individually conducted with success as architecture student and freelancer interior designer.

News and opinions

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