An opening word.

Without promising much, any followers or publishing opportunities, I start (almost too late) to lay down some thoughts. I have to prevent you – the possible reader – that I am damn good with the pen…but to be honest, better when I’m drawing. :))

My decision to write things does not emerge from my need of sharing ideas and I’m not even worried about forgetting things that need to be pointed out. I am doing it looking for a whatever kind of dialog that will challenge or approve my way of thinking in matters of “making things better”. It is about creativity as a generator for logic, about reason as a generator for function, about architecture and design as generators for wellbeing.

If my future articles will get to you as arguments that everything that surrounds us has a big impact on our lives and those who design them should be responsible for it – then I might not write in vain. If some of the questioned things could be even changed for the better – then I made my point.

I remain with this few opening words and write the pending ones as soon as possible.